• Herzlichen Glückwunsch

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Frau Dr. Caroline Wiesehöfer, die am 9. Juni 2020 ihre Promotionsprüfung und -arbeit mit der Gesamtnote "summa cum laude" abgeschlossen hat.

  • Digitale Histologie

    Auch im Wintersemester werden Teile unserer Unterrichtsveranstaltungen mittels Distanzlehre durchgeführt. Auf www.histologiekurs.de werden die entsprechenden Inhalte bereitgestellt.

  • HiWis gesucht!

    Für unsere Lehrveranstaltungen im Wintersemester suchen wird motivierte studentische Hilfskräfte. Bitte bewerben Sie sich.


Herzlich willkommen auf unserer Webseite!

Wir haben Ihnen hier eine Menge hilfreicher Informationen zusammengestellt.

Sie können sich über unsere Wissenschaft, unsere Lehre und unsere Teammitglieder informieren.

Zudem finden Sie wichtige Links zu Stellenausschreibungen, Promotionsangelegenheiten und vieles mehr.

Our Research / Unsere Forschung

Male reproduction:

All areas of signaling in reproduction are of interest to our group.
We identify and characterize molecules important for spermatogenesis, early and late activation of spermatozoa and cell-egg interaction. We also focus on cell-cell interaction in testis and prostate cells.

Female reproduction:

This project focuses on the detailed cellular mechanisms in female reproduction and their function and dysfunction in mouse and human. This includes therapeutical approaches to endometriosis, gene regulation of feto-maternal interaction and oocyte development and oocyte aging.

Prostate cancer:

microRNAs play an important role in post transcriptional regulation of the gene regulatory pathways of most cells. This project focuses on the importance of microRNAs for prostate cancer development and progression in animal models as well as in in-vitro experiments.


This work deals with the role of CEACAMs in infection, inflammation and wound healing. We characterize the CEACAM mediated cell-cell and cell-pathogene communication, signaling and function. Monoclonal antibodies, glycoproteins, celllines and mouse are generated as tools.

Latest publications

Arlt, E, Fraticelli, M, Tsvilovskyy, V, Nadolni, W, Breit, A, O'Neill, TJ, Resenberger, S, Wennemuth, G, Wahl-Schott, C, Biel, M et al. (2020). TPC1 deficiency or blockade augments systemic anaphylaxis and mast cell activity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.117,18068-18078.

Zöller, J, Ebel, JF, Khairnar, V, Schmitt, V, Klopfleisch, R, Meiners, J, Seiffart, V, Hansen, W, Buer, J, Singer, BB et al. (2020). CEACAM1 regulates CD8+ T cell immunity and protects from severe pathology during Citrobacter rodentium induced colitis. Gut Microbes11,1790-1805.

Tegtmeyer, N, Ghete, TD, Schmitt, V, Remmerbach, T, Cortes, MCC, Bondoc, EM, Graf, HL, Singer, BB, Hirsch, C, Backert, S et al. (2020). Type IV secretion of Helicobacter pylori CagA into oral epithelial cells is prevented by the absence of CEACAM receptor expression. Gut Pathog12,25.

Hamway, Y, Taxauer, K, Moonens, K, Neumeyer, V, Fischer, W, Schmitt, V, Singer, BB, Remaut, H, Gerhard, M, Mejías-Luque, R et al. (2020). Cysteine Residues in Helicobacter pylori Adhesin HopQ are Required for CEACAM-HopQ Interaction and Subsequent CagA Translocation. Microorganisms8,.

Lang, J, Bohn, P, Bhat, H, Jastrow, H, Walkenfort, B, Cansiz, F, Fink, J, Bauer, M, Olszewski, D, Ramos-Nascimento, A et al. (2020). Acid ceramidase of macrophages traps herpes simplex virus in multivesicular bodies and protects from severe disease. Nat Commun11,1338.

Hollandsworth, HM, Amirfakhri, S, Filemoni, F, Schmitt, V, Wennemuth, G, Schmidt, A, Hoffman, RM, Singer, BB, Bouvet, M (2020). Anti-carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule antibody for fluorescence visualization of primary colon cancer and metastases in patient-derived orthotopic xenograft mouse models. Oncotarget11,429-439.

Czyrnik, ED, Wiesehöfer, M, Dankert, JT, Wennemuth, G (2020). The regulation of HAS3 by miR-10b and miR-29a in neuroendocrine transdifferentiated LNCaP prostate cancer cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.523,713-718.

Kontopoulou, E, Strachan, S, Reinhardt, K, Kunz, F, Walter, C, Walkenfort, B, Jastrow, H, Hasenberg, M, Giebel, B, von Neuhoff, N et al. (2020). Evaluation of dsDNA from extracellular vesicles (EVs) in pediatric AML diagnostics. Ann. Hematol.99,459-475.

Klaile, E, Müller, MM, Zubiría-Barrera, C, Brehme, S, Klassert, TE, Stock, M, Durotin, A, Nguyen, TD, Feer, S, Singer, BB et al. (2019). Unaltered Fungal Burden and Lethality in Human CEACAM1-Transgenic Mice During Candida albicans Dissemination and Systemic Infection. Front Microbiol10,2703.

Schwertheim, S, Theurer, S, Jastrow, H, Herold, T, Ting, S, Westerwick, D, Bertram, S, Schaefer, CM, Kälsch, J, Baba, HA et al. (2019). New insights into intranuclear inclusions in thyroid carcinoma: Association with autophagy and with BRAFV600E mutation. PLoS ONE14,e0226199.

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